10 Rubbish Sitcoms

The Good Life

This show defines the first rule of British sitcoms; if it’s middle class, it’s usually rubbish. Felicity Kendal’s arse only partly redeems it. But then again, ‘liking Felicity Kendal’s arse’ is about as middle class as you can get. Only you’d probably refer to it as her bumme.

Fliss Kendall and Pam Ferris discuss their arses on the set of their new ITV drama 'Fanny and  Batter'.

Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister

Thatcher thought it was brilliant, which would be reason enough to hate it even if it had been any good. Which it wasn’t.

Wyatt’s Watchdogs

 How funny are neighbourhood watch groups ? Answer – not very. More middle class tripe.

Yus my Dear !

Vehicle for the repulsive Arthur Mullard. NB. The word ‘yes’ is replaced by ‘yus’ in the title in order to make it funny.  

Mullard: a twat and thankfully now dead. You really don't want to know the 'purple mushroom' story.

Baddiel’s Syndrome

The hilarious David Baddiel writes a hilarious show about David Baddiel starring David Baddiel in the leading role of David Baddiel. Fortunately only on Sky, so nobody watched it. Except David Baddiel.



Lugubrious, sardonic, slow burning…oh, and crap. Another gem from ‘friend to the McCartneys’, Carla Lane.

Drop the Dead Donkey

 Excruciating example of media self-obsession. Utter shite.

Terry and June

The poor man’s ‘George and Mildred’. They made about 500 episodes. Why ?

"Fancy a fuck, Jooo-oooon?"

"Up the glitter?"

"Oh yes!"

"You're on!"

Up the Elephant, Round the Castle

Chirpy cockney and racist, Jim ‘nick nick’ Davidson’s very own sitcom. Dreadful.  

"'ere; my mate Chalkie - he's just a cipher - he doesn't exist. He's a device to allow me to shoehorn racist gags into my act!"


 In what way shape or form is the pastime of ‘bird-spotting’ fertile ground for developing any kind of wholesome family entertainment ? Balls.

Him: Do you ?

Her: you can't beat a

Him: Show us your s!

Her: I bet you've got a tiny .


Nora F