Steve Mirningham's List

Everyone knows these sort of lists are done in 5s.  Or all my others have already been done.  Anyway:

1. Don't Wait Up

 Daddy, Mummy and Sonny Tory Doctors did fuck all for about 15 years.  Well, it felt like it.  Shite.

 Nige Havers and Tony 'Great' Britten

2. Robin's Nest

A vehicle for the comedy male sex symbol of the 70's, Richard O'Sullivan, taking the piss out of the disabled, and the Irish, and both.  Example of the comedy genius of this show:  the signwriter ballses up the shop sign thus - "Robin Snest".  Oh ha fucking ha.  And anyway, I preferred him commentating on the ITV 7.  Shite.

Richard O'Sullivan as Robin Clitt, Tony Blackburn's bird and Tony 'Great' Britten

3. The Cuckoo Waltz

Wooden Birkenhead 'actor', ladies man and all-round knobshine Lewis Collins sits in chair, gurning and making suggestive remarks to female lead.  And that wasn't even the worst bit.  "Fliss."  "Chris?"  "Fliss!!"  Schiss.

Lewis 'Gavin' Collins - knobshine

4. The Green Green Grass

Only Fools and Horses flogged post mortem.  Script execrable, performances worse.  Especially the son, whose name mercifully escapes me, as will an acting career him.  Shite.

John 'Phallus' Challis - he 'does' that 'comedy voice' of his.

5. My Hero

Fuck off, it was rubbish and you know it.  Ardal O'Hanlan is a very funny man indeed.  Just not in this pile of Richard.  Shite.

My Hero. Shit.