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django unchained

good vibrations

boys from brazil  


'71 moonrise kingdom coming soon! The Martian

 good will hunting

into darkness

 the great hip hop hoax

red lights

 the grey 

the battle of britain

goodbye lenin!


 please sir! 


 poseidon adventure    

high plains drifter  


slade in flame


marcus nelson murders

 rita, sue and bob too 

 man who would be king

let the right one in



an american werewolf

the great escape

il grido  

 on the buses

a christmas carol

ooh... you are awful! 

 curse of the werewolf  

 heroes of telemark 

the cruel sea 

the shiralee 

johnny got his gun

the wrestler  

breaking away 

kung fu 

yangtse incident


the elephant man


the trollenberg terror

jacob's ladder


trading places

the big heat

the brave little toaster

the red balloon

the odds against tomorrow

the cabinet of dr caligari

logan's run

the great waldo pepper

the sand pebbles

the 39 steps

the dirty dozen

the dark knight

puppet on a chain 

in the mouth of madness

no country for old men

dark star  


dead presidents

 ultimate warrior  the omen 

from beyond the grave

le quai des brumes

busy  bodies   crowhaven farm 


pretty in pink


conte d'hiver butch cassidy/sundance



the devil /daniel webster

silent hill

the swimmer

the illustrated man

the onion field  

when worlds collide  starship troopers carnival of souls


birth  dracula has risen from the grave  the last man on earth

closely observed trains

southern comfort dawn of the dead (2004) charley varrick 

choses secrètes

heaven help us the likely lads sur mes lèvres

one flew over...

the nun's story frenzy the squid and the whale

taste of fear

the machinist 12 angry men a history of violence

requiem for a dream

thunderbolt & lightfoot  pi escape from new york
the remains of the day alien³ diamonds are forever chungking express
carrie operation daybreak dead man's shoes office space
the fourth man steptoe & son ride again the exorcist the cowboys
on the beat amarcord spiderman 2 spare the rod
the squeeze trees lounge the fly  a tree grow in brooklyn
spetters the odd couple ice cold in alex sleuth
city of the dead night of the demon (+9) rosemary's baby (+9)  singing ringing tree (+9)
raging bull (+9) la jetee (+9) the shining (+9) white palace (+9)
wild at heart (+9) l'homme du train (+9) after hours (+9)

the verdict (+9)
salem's lot (+9) vertigo (+9) taxi driver (+9) annie hall (+9)
the wages of fear (+9) robocop (+9)





celebrity swears celebrity swears celebrity swears celebrity swears
  it's simon grooms! jackie klugman jack's out of town! office extra
  mr glamorgan, see? talfryn thomas ed 'hairy' assner billy santa downey
  not so happy days lou ferrigno frank boog billy santa downey 2006
  gerry gow shitcoms your shitcoms  imelda staunton t shirt offer
the saint vespaluus lookalike agency of quality and distinction  michael rodd   daphne fowler's deadliest men 10 good reasons - your shit films
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